Outline of the PLR Process

What is PLR?

PLR came into law on 4th December 2007, when the Copyright and Related Rights (Amendment) Act 2007 was signed by the President. The regulations establishing the scheme, S.I. No. 597 of 2008, were signed on 31st December 2008. Under the Public Lending Remuneration (PLR) scheme, payment is made to authors, illustrators etc whose books are borrowed from public libraries.

The Copyright and Related Rights (Public Lending Remuneration Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2013, S.I. No. 221 of 2013 were signed on 20th June 2013.

Author and Title Registration

Under PLR, a payment will be made to registered authors, resident in the European Economic Area (EEA), in respect of books registered with the PLR and loaned by public library authorities. Authors are required to register for Irish PLR, providing an address and bank details, etc. Details of books registered will be entered into an author/title database and checked against bibliographic databases for accuracy. Authors are required to register each title and each edition of each title for which they are claiming payment.

Collection of Loans Data from Library Authorities

Public library authorities will provide the Irish PL Office with loans data, giving details of the number of times each book in their collections is issued during a specified period.

Processing of Loans Data for Registered Authors and Titles

At the end of the PLR period, the loans data from each authority will be matched to the author/title data and a list of authors whose books have been loaned, and the number of issues of each, will be produced. Authors will then be notified of the amount they are to receive and payments will be made.

Basis for Payment of PLR

Payment will be made to authors in respect of their contribution to the work for which the payment is due. The scheme will allow for the percentage of the payment to be made for various levels of contribution, which include, inter alia, contributions such as sole author, joint author, editor, translator, and illustrator.

Rate of payment

The rate of payment will be set each year and will be the product of the total number of loans for which a payment is due, divided by the total amount available.

PLR Scheme is not restricted to authors

Did you know that the PLR Scheme is not restricted to authors? Illustrators, photographers, editors and translators may all register for PLR (providing they are named on the title page of a book).