What is PLR?

Public Lending Remuneration (PLR) is the mechanism for authors to receive payment under PLR legislation for the loans of their books by public libraries. Under PLR a payment will be made to registered authors, resident in the EEA, in respect of books registered with the PLR and loaned by public library authorities.

How do I apply for PLR?

You can apply by downloading and printing an application form or request a form to be posted to you.

How do I claim PLR payments?

In order to receive payments, you must register your published books for PLR. You must register via the application form. Statements are posted to registered applicants that are receiving a payment.  This gives details of the estimated national loans for your registered books, the payments due on each and how the payment will be made. Payments are made to registered authors once a year.

How are payments calculated?

The PLR computer divides the total number of loans of registered books into the available funding. This provides a ‘rate per loan’.

How is loans data collected?

We collect loans data from all public library authorities in Ireland.

I’ve just heard about PLR. Can I claim from the date my books were published?

The final date for registering books for each PLR year will be published on the PLR website.

Books registered after that date will be included for the following PLR year.

The PLR scheme does not allow for retrospective payments to be made for earlier years.  The whole PLR fund is distributed each year among the registered authors.

Are sound recordings & audio books eligible for PLR?

Only printed books qualify for PLR.

Can I claim PLR in other countries?

The PLR office pays for borrowings from Irish public libraries. PLR systems have been established in many countries around the world. There is a PLR International website (www.plrinternational.com) which aims to promote international awareness of PLR and inform the PLR community of events, developments and news from around the world.

How do I know if i’m eligible?

To qualify for PLR in a book you should be named on the title page or be entitled to a royalty payment from the publisher (but you do not have to own the copyright).  Where two or more contributors are involved you must divide the PLR on the basis of percentage shares which must be agreed before applying for registration.

Every contributor named on the title page of a book needs to be consulted when agreeing percentage shares and the agreed division should reflect the contribution of each. Each eligible contributor may then submit a separate application.

Although the PLR regulations set down default shares for different types of contributor, these are guidelines only and the shares agreed must reflect the actual contribution made.

The following types of contributor must be taken into account:

  • WRITERS – share to reflect contribution.
  • TRANSLATORS – default share is 30%. If there is more than one translator (including any who are not eligible persons), an equal share of 30%.
  • ORIGINAL AUTHOR – even if out of copyright or deceased a notional share should be allocated to reflect the contribution.
  • EDITORS/COMPILERS – default share is 20%. If there is more than one editor or compiler (including any who are not eligible persons), an equal share of 20%.
  • Writers of a foreword or short introduction do not qualify if this was their only contribution.
  • ILLUSTRATORS/PHOTOGRAPHERS – When a book is illustrated, the level of illustrations can vary significantly. The applicant must satisfy the PLR Office that all the contributors are satisfied with the percentage share being applied for by the applicant.

While the default share for illustrators/photographers is 20%, an illustrator/photographer may register a share to reflect their contribution – even if they are paid by flat fee.  If there is more than one illustrator/photographer (including any who are not eligible persons), an equal share of the agreed share allocation.

If the shares above do not reflect the contribution of the individual, the Registrar of PLR may determine the share.

Can I claim 100% if another contributor is deceased or doesn’t want to register ?

If you have lost touch with the other contributor, you should make reasonable efforts to contact them (eg via the publisher) to agree shares.  If you still cannot contact them, you may register a share which reflects your contribution.  However, if the other contributor subsequently applies for different shares, we will have to remove your share until an agreement is reached.

How do I update my personal details?

You can update your address and bank details in writing. We can also accept changes of address (but not bank) over the telephone, subject to verification being provided. Please note that we are unable to accept changes to either address or bank details via email.

How can I correspond with PLR?

Public Lending Remuneration Office
Local Government Management Agency
Libraries Development
35-39 Ushers Quay
Dublin 8.

You may contact us via email to info@plr.ie

Alternatively, you may telephone the PLR Office at:

Tel:(From Ireland): +353 1 6707077
Tel: (From UK and worldwide): +44 (0)1642 604699